Wilderness Gift Set

Wilderness Gift Set

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Beautiful gift set of our rose based products. This gift set is made up of 1 bar of rose soap, 1 rose shea butter and 1 wilderness votive.

Our wilderness scent is full of fresh rose and ylang ylang with undertones of cedar and myrrh.

The base of these soaps is olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil; it is free from animal products, artificial fragrances and dyes. Each soap is made, cut, and stamped by hand and may vary slightly in colour from photograph. 

Our Pure Shea Butter is made with over 80% unrefined shea butter and sweet almond oil.  That's it.  This ultra-rich body butter is hand whipped in batches of only 8 jars to ensure utmost quality.  This multi-purpose moisturizer is rich enough for the driest skin yet gentle enough for the most sensitive.  

Our wilderness EcoSoy candles are made with 100% American EcoSoy Wax and scented with pure essential oils.  The benefits of using essential oil scented candles are numerous and they burn with a beautiful, subtle warmth.  

Burn time approx. 15 hours

Helpful Hint: Soy wax burns with a memory; therefore, to get the most use out of your candle, make sure your first burn melts the wax up to the edge of the glass.  This will help all future burns melt consistently and avoid tunnelling.